Keep Your Climbing Shoes Dry and Smelling Great!

dp_hornet_7_dpmIt's well...embarrassing...

Your friends and loved ones never stand down wind from your shoes. You've had a fantastic day out climbing or in the gym, but on the ride home you can still smell you shoes. We know how you feel.

The issue is bacteria. Bacteria festers and grows in humid damp climates, and your sweaty climbing shoes are the perfect brothel.  Zapping the moisture from your shoes quickly is the only way to control the funk.


Drypointe inserts do just that!  Just drop the inserts into the shoe right after use and you're good to go. The eco-friendly silica will work day and night to whisk away moisture leaving them fresh for your next send or sesh...but here's the cool part!

They are NOT for one time use. Once the silica has reached the moisture capacity, you can "recharge" the inserts by popping them in the microwave... It will work just as well in your buddy's microwave too (direction in FAQ).

Your inserts typically last over 6 months before needing a "recharge"... depending on how sweaty your feet. Your shoes WILL last longer, smell better, and save you the grief of knowing EXACTLY why people are laughing.

We are all too familiar with the “shoe funk”; these DryPointe inserts will prevent it from happening to new shoes, and even remove the smell from older shoes.  We have successfully tested them for over 18 months with outstanding results and received feedback.

The Medium sized inserts are best for youth and smaller adult shoes/boots from size 3-8 Men's / 4-9 Women's.  The Large sized inserts are best for adult shoes/boots from size 8-13 Men/ 9+ Women.

Notes for orders - Bundle quantities are for packs of 4 pairs of inserts.  Order 1 to receive 4 pairs, order 2 will be 8 pairs, etc.  When ordering pairs singly you may request the color, see below.  The Scented inserts have a very light Baby Powder scent.

Limited Time Special...3 Pairs for the price of 4...Save up to $15!!!

Medium Unscented Bundle BUY 3 Pairs get a 4th pair free!
Medium Scented Bundle BUY 3 Pairs get a 4th pair free!
Large Unscented Bundle BUY 3 Pairs get a 4th pair free!
Large Scented Bundle BUY 3 Pairs get a 4th pair free!
Single pairs: 
Medium Unscented $12.50/pair
Medium Scented $12.50/pair
Large Unscented $15.00/pair
Large Scented $15.00/pair
 If you have any questions about placing an order, please email DryPointe