Sport Shoes

Are you a football player, a basketball player, a soccer player, a runner, a skier or any other sport that spends a long time in shoes? 

Do you have constant practices or a running program and find your shoes to still be wet from the previous day or have that unpleasant smell from use? 

If you are tired of damp shoes from your previous practice, day at the slopes or long run you took earlier that day?

Then you need a pair of DryPointe shoe inserts to be your feet's new best friend.  DryPointe shoe inserts will remove any moisture left is in your shoes as well as help remove those smells from your locker or equipment bag.  We have successfully tested them for over 18 months with outstanding results and received fabulous feedback from our customers!

The Medium sized inserts are best for youth and smaller adult shoes/boots from size 3-8 Men’s / 4-9 Women’s.  The Large sized inserts are best for adult shoes/boots from size 8-13 Men/ 9+ Women.

Notes for orders - Bundle quantities are for packs of 4 pairs of inserts.  Order 1 to receive 4 pairs, order 2 will be 8 pairs, etc.  When ordering pairs singly you may request the color, see below.  The Scented inserts have a very light Baby Powder scent.

Medium Unscented $12.50/pair
Medium Scented $12.50/pair
Large Unscented $15.00/pair
Large Scented $15.00/pair

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