What are DryPointe Shoe Inserts?

DryPointe_DPM_3_smallDryPointe shoe inserts are designed to extend the life of any pair of ballet pointe shoes, athletic shoes or climbing shoes to minimize odor and wetness.

They are constructed with three-layers of nylon mesh which holds Eco-friendly wide-pore silica gel particle with absorbency levels of over 80% of its weight. It neutralizes smells given off my moisture (sweat) that can build up in a shoe. Initially, these were invented for ballet pointe shoes, which are made with layers glue and paper so drying the shoes between uses is extremely important to the life of a pointe shoe. Most ballet dancers use a pair of Pointe shoes a week! At $90.00/pair, you can see why it is necessary to make them last as long as possible, and you thought climbing shoes were expensive! For the climbing community, we are all too familiar with the "shoe funk"; these DryPointe inserts will prevent it from happening to new shoes, and even remove the smell for older shoes.